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There’s a Magpie in my Soup

April 5, 2016

There’s a Magpie in my Soup

By Sean Farrar and Pat Kan, Big Spy Publishing, 2016.

Cover of a book showing a drawn magpie flying out of soupThere’s a Magpie in my Soup takes a very different look at Australian animals.

Some little creatures great and small, all over your house they will crawl! Into your soup, into your cake, even into your loo! There are animals everywhere, what do we do?

I loved the cover and title of this book, but I felt that the text and subsequent illustrations left me wanting.

My 12-year-old niece really enjoyed this book and gave it 10/10 for text, later changing her opinion to 7.5/10. She thinks it is a very smart story, but said, ‘it is smart while not very smart’. Some parts are good but some are boring. She didn’t like it as much as Rodney Loses It! But then again, I think she changed her mind after I shared what I thought of the book. Her first impression was that she loved it.

So, there you go…maybe this is a book only the young mind appreciates!

Download colouring in sheets for this title.

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Wrap Up

There's a Magpie in my Soup

  • 5.8/10
  • 6.2/10
  • 0.5/10
    Educational content
  • 7.8/10
  • 7/10


  • Great title.
  • Great concept.


  • This book had potentional, but sadly lacks quality.
  • The rhyme seems too forced.

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