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Possum in the House

December 1, 1986

Possum in the House

By Kiersten Jensen and Tony Oliver, Childerset, 1986.

‘There’s a possum in the house and he’s hiding in the pantry.’

PossCover of a book showing a drawing of a possum surrounded by the mess he created in a house.um finds himself inside the house! Possum is making a terrible mess. No-one can catch possum!

We follow Mum and Dad who are chasing a Possum in the House. The house is turned upside down as the possum wreaks havoc through every room of the house, and even finds himself inside the toilet bowl!

While the house is destroyed, the possum, leaving behind a trail of destruction, finally comes to rest on the child’s bed. The whole family see him and think he’s cute and cuddly, and they leave him there to rest.

This book has lyrical repetition with Mum’s ‘Shriek ‘Shriek’ and Dad’s ‘Oh Drat’. This is a Page-turner book right to the very end when we come to rest on the child’s bed.


Wrap Up

Possum in the House

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    Educational content
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  • 6/10


  • An oldie but a goodie.
  • Reminisce with your child as your read this story from times gone by.

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